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Ultra Low Temp Freezers: All You Need to Know

November 4, 2022
ultra low freezer

Ultra low temperature freezers are must-have equipment in a medical lab facility. As the name suggests they store content at a temperature range of -40-to–86-degree C. An ultra-low temp freezer is often referred to as minus 80 freezer. They come with features that let lab managers remotely monitor specimen safety and inventory.

Since ultra low freezers work in such a temperature range, they are used to store a variety of specimens for bio-medical research from blood, blood derivatives, plasma, stem cells, enzymes, antibodies, vaccines, medical drugs, sperm samples, bone marrow, animal DNA, and more. Since most medical and bioresearch labs work with thousands of dollars’ worth of biological samples, a ULT freezer is a must to protect and preserve them. When choosing ULT freezers, reliability is of utmost importance. Other criteria include price, storage capacity, energy consumption, space requirement, and noise.

Features to Consider When Looking for ULT Freezer 

There are varying models in the market with slightly different features. When it comes to choosing the right model for your medical facility, it is always best to start from the basics. Features like storage capacity, precise temperature control, and energy usage are vital parameters.

Temperature Control

Since specimens stored in a ULT are highly temperature sensitive, the freezer needs to come with precise temperature control, robust temperature monitoring capabilities, and fast temperature recovery time. All these features facilitate critical sample preservation.

Energy Efficiency

Most modern ULT freezers are energy efficient and help in reducing energy bills and lessen the medical facility’s carbon footprint. 

Temperature Uniformity 

Temperature uniformity is crucial for ULTs. The best models come with temperature variations within a few degrees (+/- 3°C) of the set point.

Types of ULT Freezers

There are two most common types of ULT freezers.

Upright Freezers

These are like upright models of refrigerators and are available in single and double-door configurations. They are great when the floor space is limited, but there is ample room to allow the opening of the doors. Most of these models come with built-in racks and shelves.

Chest Freezers

These are like regular deep freezers in design. They need more floor space but open from the top. Racks and boxes can be placed inside to make storage and organization easier.

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