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How to Make Your Laboratory Freezer Energy Efficient

December 7, 2022
Laboratory Freezer

Do you know laboratories are among the highest energy-consuming places around? Various pieces of equipment are running 24X7 in a laboratory setting which makes its energy consumption very high. Labs consume the most energy per square foot only after data centers. As a responsible industry, we should be more conscious of the impact, we have on the environment. There are certain best practices that a lab can follow to make it a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place. An energy-efficient freezer can make a lot of difference to the overall energy consumption of the lab.

If you have been thinking of ways to make your laboratory freezer more energy efficient, the following tips will help.

– Take Inventory Check

You should carry out an inventory check of your laboratory freezer racks from time to time. Make sure that your inventory list is updated. Label the samples with the date, sample type, and researcher’s name. Discard any old and outdated samples. Keep your freezer clean and well organized by having specific locations for particular items. This way samples will not get lost or buried inside.

Raise the Temperature from -80 C to -70 C

You can reduce the energy consumption of your laboratory freezer by 2-4 Kwh a day by raising the temperature from -80 C to -70 C. Most biomedical samples stay fine at -70 C. So, you won’t be compromising on their preservation.

– Open with Care

For every minute the freezer is open, it takes another 10 minutes to bring it back to the required temperature. So, open the freezer only when you need something and be swift in taking out what you need.

– Maximize your Sample Storage Space

It is such an obvious thing to say, but it’s a fact that many labs have underutilized storage space which could be used better. The freezer space can be used between departments for efficient utilization of the space.

– Well-Ventilated Space

It is important to keep your freezers in a well-ventilated space. It helps in reducing excess energy consumption compounded by external heat sources.

– Proper Maintenance

Your laboratory freezer must be defrosted and cleaned at least once a year. It helps to ensure that the refrigerator seal is intact. Over time cracks and tears appear on the seal which lets ambient air in, thus needing the compressor to run more to maintain the required temperature. The dust of the condenser filter must be cleaned regularly to remove blockages.

If your lab freezer is more than 10 years old, then perhaps it is time to upgrade it. As the equipment ages, its energy efficiency decreases. Modern efficient units can use as little as 8kWh/day, which can make a significant difference in your lab’s energy consumption. 

At LSR Freezer, we have a wide range of cold storage solutions to cater to the needs of various medical research labs. When buying freezers, do not just look at the upfront cost of the equipment, but also take its operating cost into account to make a smart buying decision. It will save you significant money over the lifetime of the freezer. 

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