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Best Practices for Maintaining an Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

October 18, 2022
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Typically, ultra-low temperature freezers run in the -60°C to -86°C range. These are used in medical facilities to preserve biological samples like plasma, blood, enzymes, or organ tissues.

Lack of maintenance, like with any important piece of lab machinery, can result in subpar ULT freezer performance, which is harmful to the samples in the freezer.

Simple preventive actions can reduce energy usage, operating expenses, and the lifespan of freezers. Additionally, it maintains sample viability and reduces the possibility of sample loss.

You can follow this daily maintenance regimen to maintain your ULT freezer functioning at its best:

1. Get Rid of Ice and Dust Collecting

Regular defrosting prevents frost and ice from building up, which lowers the freezer’s capacity. Studies have shown a significant difference in the operational expenses of badly frosted and defrosted freezers; these ultra-low freezers also rack up huge energy bills.

Furthermore, because freezers use filters to draw air through them, the efficiency of those filters is frequently hampered by dust accumulation.

As a result, you must keep up with the accumulation of frost and dust by cleaning down the door seals and gaskets every month with a soft cloth and scraping off the ice periodically. In addition, be careful to clean the condenser filters every two to three months to prevent dust accumulation. Also, every year, clean the condenser coil.

2. Pick the Proper Location

Place your ULT freezer away from windows and heating sources in a well-ventilated area. For the warm air to reach the return registers, it needs to be adequately ventilated. It requires a minimum of 5″ on the sides and back and 8″ on top.

When choosing a space for your ULT freezer, consider the unit size and the amount of food or medicine you’ll be storing. You’ll also want to ensure the area is easily accessible and has enough outlets to accommodate the freezer.

3. Organise Materials Properly

ULT freezers aren’t designed to hold warm products because they can’t blast or flash freeze samples. Early freezer problems may result from using ULT freezers to cool friendly products regularly and quickly.

ULT freezers operate most effectively when the airflow is uninterrupted. So, limit the number of door openings.

Additionally, avoid placing items near the top of the freezer because doing so retains warm air and forces the compressor to run continuously to keep the temperature stable. In turn, this raises energy expenses and shortens the compressor’s life.

Maintaining an ultra-low freezer is not as difficult as it may seem. You can keep your freezer running smoothly and efficiently by following a few simple tips. By keeping the door closed as much as possible, maintaining a constant temperature, and regularly cleaning the interior and exterior, you can ensure that your ultra-low freezer will provide you with years of reliable service.

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