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Laboratory Refrigerators

Not all applications are the same—that’s why LSR offers a variety of medical and laboratory refrigerators to meet your specific needs. LSR lab and medical refrigerators provide an effective cold storage environment, meeting or exceeding the AABB and CDC regulations for vaccine, blood, reagent, and pharmaceutical storage, specimens for preservation, blood plasma, other blood products that need to be securely stored.

Laboratory refrigerators will keep all these materials and products cold, safe, and temperature controlled to your exact specifications.

Shop our collection of refrigerators online at LSR. Click on each fridge to learn more about the specifics that they offer.

We provide a wide range of laboratory refrigerators for medical usage across the United States, including states like California, New York, Texas, Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina. With our medical and pharmacy refrigerators, you can keep all medical materials and products at the right temperature.

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Cold Storage Company

Welcome to LSR! LSR is a cold storage company that provides reliable and cost-effective cold storage solutions including refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers, and vaccine freezers. Our wide range of premium refrigeration allows you to store many types of temperature sensitive materials from a variety of applications ranging from medical to laboratory use. Please contact us today for more information about our cold storage solutions.

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