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Laboratory Refrigerators: Why You Need Them

December 1, 2022
laboratory refrigerators

Every medical and research laboratory facility has its own cold storage needs. Medical refrigerators are needed to store and preserve blood plasma samples as well as things like medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical supplies. Biomedical research labs need to store temperature-sensitive specimens and samples for their research, hence having laboratory refrigerators are a must for them. They are different from the standard refrigerators in our kitchen. Lab refrigerators need to be precisely and uniformly temperature controlled, reliable, and hygienic – these features are not necessarily present in a regular domestic refrigerator.

If you are looking to upgrade the cold storage capacity of your lab, you will need to get your hands on a reliable laboratory refrigerator . Below are some of the reasons why a medical refrigerator is necessary for a lab setting.

Storing and Preserving Temperature-Sensitive Materials

Most scientific biomedical laboratory work entails working with biospecimens. These samples and specimens are mostly temperature-sensitive and need to be preserved properly in medical refrigerators. Unlike a regular household kitchen refrigerator, laboratory refrigerators are designed to maintain a uniform low temperature. Even tiny temperature fluctuations can compromise the integrity of the samples and adversely affect the experiment/research findings. Hence, one must invest in high-quality and reliable lab freezers to ensure the accuracy of their work.

Preventing Bacteria Growth

Cross-contamination of samples and bacteria growth is another challenge faced in a lab setting that skews test results and affects research findings. High-quality lab refrigerators can maintain consistently low temperatures which deter the growth of bacteria. Also, there are different sections in laboratory freezer racks to store different types of samples. Adhering to strict storage rules will help in the cross-contamination of samples.

Features for Enhanced Security

Laboratory refrigerators come with features for enhanced security and preservation of the sample. The temperature monitoring feature lets you monitor the temperature precisely. It also rings alarm bells if the temperature falls outside the specified range, if the refrigerator is overstocked, or if the door is left open. These features help in identifying any potential problems that can threaten the samples and aid in minimizing sample loss.

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