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laboratory refrigerators

Laboratory Refrigerators: Why You Need Them

December 1, 2022

Every medical and research laboratory facility has its own cold storage needs. Medical refrigerators are needed to store and preserve blood plasma samples as well as things like medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical supplies. Biomedical research labs need to store temperature-sensitive specimens and samples for their research, hence having laboratory refrigerators are a must for them. They are different from the standard refrigerators in our kitchen. Lab refrigerators need to be precisely and uniformly temperature controlled, reliable, and hygienic – these features are not necessarily present in a regular domestic refrigerator.

Laboratory Refrigerator

Why Your Pharmacy Needs a Medical Refrigerator?

October 18, 2022

There are many benefits to medical-grade refrigerators. They are designed to maintain consistent temperatures, which is critical for storing medications and other medical supplies. They also have features that help prevent bacteria and other contaminants.

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