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What Are the Uses of Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers

November 3, 2022
Laboratory Refrigerators

The essential function of a laboratory refrigerator and freezer is to maintain and preserve various fluids, samples, and specimens like blood plasma, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Essentially, they work in the same fashion as domestic refrigerators but there is an important difference. Household refrigerators do not have the temperature stability that is needed in a medical lab setting.

Due to the nature of the substances that are stored in a laboratory refrigerator, it needs to be properly calibrated and maintained for their temperature. Also, to prevent any cross-contamination of specimens, everything must be stored appropriately and hygienically.

The medical fluids and specimens used in a laboratory setting are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. To preserve them appropriately, they need to be stored at some precise temperature range. That is why a laboratory cannot do without a medical refrigerator. It makes the storage and preservation of laboratory products manageable. They are equipped with a temperature monitoring system so that the temperature can be precisely maintained. Medical lab refrigerators with an inbuilt alarm system are almost a standard now. In case the temperature falls outside the needed range, the alarm goes off alerting the attendant. This feature is a great way to maintain the quality of service.

Some Important Guidelines For Using Laboratory Refrigerators

– Each sample or specimen stored in the refrigerator must be sealed and labeled appropriately.

– Light-sensitive specimens must be stored in dark pouches at the designated shelf.

– Never store food or any other products that can contaminate the refrigerator.

– Always label the cabinet and keep an updated list of sample locations.

– Clean the shelves and cabinet every day as per the procedure laid out by the manufacturing company.

Laboratory refrigerators are available in many sizes, orientations, and shapes for different laboratory needs. Depending on the needs of a lab, they might choose a bench-top style refrigerator apt for storing reagents next to the analyzer, or upright refrigeration units which are ideal to store several reagents and freeze-dried products.

Medical lab refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators, etc., are mandated by law to meet certain regulatory and quality standards. If you are looking for high-quality cold storage solutions for your medical institution or pharmacy, check out the wide range of high-quality refrigeration products at LSR Freezer. Our products will enable you to store many types of temperature-sensitive materials used for a variety of applications ranging from medical to laboratory use with ease.


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