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Laboratory Cold Storage

Things About Laboratory Cold Storage Temperature That You Should Know

January 5, 2023

Cold storage is essential for preserving the integrity and stability of materials used in research and other laboratory applications. Properly maintaining cold storage temperatures requires reliable equipment and careful monitoring. It is vital to consider the type of container and closure used for storing materials in cold storage, as some materials may react with certain materials. Cold storage can be energy intensive, so it is essential to use energy-efficient equipment and practices to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Laboratory Freezer

How to Make Your Laboratory Freezer Energy Efficient

December 7, 2022

Do you know laboratories are among the highest energy-consuming places around? Various pieces of equipment are running 24X7 in a laboratory setting which makes its energy consumption very high. Labs consume the most energy per square foot only after data centers. As a responsible industry, we should be more conscious of the impact, we have on the environment. There are certain best practices that a lab can follow to make it a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place. An energy-efficient freezer can make a lot of difference to the overall energy consumption of the lab.

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