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What You Need to Know About Choosing a Laboratory Freezer

November 24, 2022
Laboratory Freezer

A laboratory freezer is an important appliance in a modern lab setting. It is responsible for storing and preserving all types of temperature-sensitive samples and specimens. Selecting the right model will ensure that all your samples are well-preserved. On the face of it, choosing a medical freezer for laboratory use may sound easy – just choose one that can hold all samples, but the truth is that there are several aspects to take into consideration

Here are some key factors that you must consider when choosing the best among all the available laboratory freezers in the market.

Freezer Temperature Range

Having the correct temperature range for a laboratory or pharmacy freezer is very important. The nature of the work in the lab and the cooling needs of the samples/specimen involved determines this range. A biological lab will have a different need as compared to a pharmaceutical lab. Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers typically have a range from -30 to -40-degree Fahrenheit while cryogenic freezers can have a range of -238-degree F. Check your temperature range need and choose a model as per the need of your lab.


Just choosing a freezer model is not enough, it should be such that it can be taken into the lab without much hassle and can be accessed without many hindrances. The floor space and all the spatial limitations must be considered. The doors of the freezer should open fully without any obstruction.

Storage Capacity

Again, this is also specific to the work of the lab concerned. Depending on the volume of the samples and specimens that need storage, the right capacity of the freezer will vary from lab to lab. In very large research institutes, several smaller refrigeration units are preferred as it better for the lab’s efficiency. It is a good idea to know the exact placement of the freezer in the lab setting. You can then choose a freezer that is the right size for the space allotted for it.


Different freezer models can have different ventilation needs. So, when choosing a lab freezer inquire about its ventilation need. You need to be sure that the model is compatible with your lab setting. When a lab freezer is well-ventilated, its efficiency is enhanced.

Additional Features

In certain labs, the samples also need to be monitored to keep their quality intact. Features like temperature alarms, and data tracking screening are useful. Many such modern features might come useful in your lab, so check for those.

When you consider all these factors, it will help you narrow down your choices and choose the best one for your lab. If you are looking for medicine freezers or laboratory freezers in the USA, check out our range of freezers at LSR Freezer.


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