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Freezer-86c ultra-low freezers are used for the cold storage of enzymes, reagents, and laboratory samples. These ultra-cold freezers are also used in many manufacturing facilities as well as the aerospace industry.

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  • The reliable auto cascade system (single compressor) delivers strong cooling, fast freezing, and low power consumption.
  • Our SECOP compressor provides reliable cooling to ensure the quality and usability of stored assets/samples with a very small margin of error.
  • Dixell digital electronic controller provides accurate control, hi/lowtemperature alarms, time-delay protection for the compressor, andeasy operation.
  • Our NON-CFC-free mixed refrigerants & foaming agents are greenand environmentally friendly.

• Capacity: 1 cubic feet
• Temperature range: -40 to -86 degree Celsius
• Power supply: 115V/60Hz
• Rated input: 320W
• Power Consumption: 3.6 kW.h/24h
• Thermostat: Dixell electronic controller
• Compressor: SECOP or Embraco
• Compressor Fan: EBM
• Temperature display: Digital display
• Alarm: Hi/Low temperature alarms
• Mixed CFC free refrigerant

• Door: Swing foamed door with 1 stainless steel inner door
• Thickness of insulation: 4 Inch
• Interior: SUS 304 stainless steel
• Number of shelves: 1 (removable) stainless steel shelf
• Unit dimension: 23” wide X 21.25” front to back X 36.5” tall
• Inner dimension: 13” wide X 13.5” front to back X 10” tall
• Weight: 132 Pounds

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